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learning english in October


The holiday is so so great, I almost fogot all thing except family, friends. in the first three days, I meet my family, relative and friends, the feeling that meet old friends is great.

in the two days after that, I meet my gril friend’s family, talk thing about marriage, everyone is happy.

in the last two days of holiday, we return back to beijing, clean up the apartment, cook and eat lunch.

today, new life is beginning, I have to work back.

Hope everything is fine.


I know I havn’t accept english as my day-to-day langague, because when I’m free, I like reading or watching media using chinese languge more than english, reading english text is a little hard for me, If I can’t push myself read it, I won’t do it.

The good thing is that I already insist on memorizing english word for twenty-three days, It’s a big progress.

duckdb have a few issue recently, it’s a complex project for beginner, so, I want discover some other project to develop, I try kaggle competition, there are two competitons that are interesting for me, but I don’t have time to explore them.

I find another interesting project, I can convert podcast to text using speech-to-text tools, in some time, we don’t have the suitable environment to listen voice, in the most time, we can read text, and reading is more efficient for some person. If we want the information of podcast, reading text is a great path to get that. I try some open source tools, I can do this work using github actions and whisper.cpp open source tool for free, I don’t need pay for it. It’s great, I will do this work as my highest quality project.

In summary, I have tried serveral project, Maybe I should list them in a specific page, show their status and priority.

I write english notes fewer and fewer, do more and keep going!