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learning english in September


Yesterday, I take a deep talk with my friendly boss, she will take care more of my colleague, so, I can spend more time on myself thing. It’s great for me.

I watch a video about travling, their english are great, I think I can’t travling like them now. I also want I can speak english like them, that is more free. There will be more thing I can do, more place I can go, more work I can do, more person I can be friend with. Think back, I don’t have much friend now, Maybe because I don’t like have make friends? I don’t know. Maybe I have much thing to learn. Maybe I don’t have much time because of this work. So, If I can only work for eight hours, everything will be better. english is the most important part of change work.

I must have a plan for learning english, I have three to five month to learn it. after five month, I should try find the new work. the time is enough for me in theory. I should spend more time in that.


Yesterday, one of my colleague have married recently, She invite some of colleague to have launch, we talk much about life, work, marriage for long time, till to one clock in the morning, talking will make people happy, this let me remember some words I have read long time ago, relationship with families and friends is the keypoint to decide how happy you will be.

I also don’t know what I like most like, what I most want do, I speed so much time to seek, But the result is disappointing. what make me happy is english, I still can spend more time in the english.

The only achievement of seeking is data analysis of hacknews, data analysis is the advanage of my ability, what I need to do is think more about this project, I need seek some point that worth analysising.


I student have a idea about learning english, just learning is dull for most people, if we can set some interesting goal to achieve with learning English, it’s much easy to learn. specifically, we can list some picture to make learner to describe it, publish some task to let learner solve that, they can imporove english skill when solving these problem.

I find some public image api from gihub and get three product.




But, Even I have some picture, It’s still hard to complete this work. I must buy a server and request the api to get image, then, push the picture to telegram channel or discord, after that, I can describe that at any time.

before do that, I think I should try some picture and test if it really work for leaning english or if I can insist on it.

I should try some image first.

ten minutes later…

I try two picture, I talk much word about these picutre, But it’s also dull. This idea will be more great if the picture is interesting. Designing task also have this ploblem, the key point of this idea is design a interesting task to guide learner to talk and continue to take part in ths task.

Maybe Game is a Good channel to do this, Is there a game with the purpose of leanring english?

Most game with learning english is simple. the game with AI for english learner is great. a few month ago, I get some information from friends, the npc in the game will added AI power, npc with LLM talking ability will talk to gamer, this not just fun for playing, It also improving english skill.


Today is also hard day, I don’t know hwat I should do, something is doll for me, some other thing is too hard to do for me. It’s hard to make me statisfied.

Talk old word again, learning english is the first task, keep reading newest news, keep looking, I will find what I like.


There is a news recently, someone live in china work for international boss, he use the internetnation network when he is working, it’s illegal in china, the money he earned will be taken back. Bad news.

Today is the first day of holiday, I will have a eight-days holiday, this worth celebrating.

I just readed a twitter, after eight days, you will find that holiday have pass quickly, you will take back time, do something that haven’t do, that is truelly and absurd. hope i can do something that deserve this holiday.

Finally, I find a suitable open source project for me. This is duckdb that we can query data using sql from different data format, such as csv, parquet, json, It’s very useful in my daily work.

This project is already much naturely, It don’t have much bug to fix, I read the issue of the first page about 25 issues, It’s too hard to understand for me about much of these, I reply two issues, hope that’s helpful. There also three issues that I can understand, maybe These all are hard to fix for me, But at least, I can try it.

  1. First, map bug, the result is not correct, is a bug, someone also pull a pull request but it isn’t merged, I can continue to research it.
  2. Partatioin issue, This is not very urgent, this don’t need too much code to write, but this problem is related to core feature, repairing it requires caution.
  3. performance optimazaiton, this is core problem in duckdb because it’s related to performance, I can’t repaire it with my current abilities.

The best thing for me is I finally find a good open source project that is not only usefule for me but also that is in the field that I’m familiar, even I can’t repaire these issue for a while in the future.

Good night!