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learning english in August


Recently, I start learning english again, I find a learning english YouTube channel from a tg group, yestarday, I read the same video of this channel in my road from home to work for about forty-minutes, This is the first time I do one thing in my road for so long time, I think this video is very great. Maybe it’s the result of so many people want learn enlish.

This video taught me a lot. First, I should write junery every day in english to describe my thought, I’m much agree with this thougt in the past time, I think if you want learn speaking, you must lean writing first. wriing can give you enough time to organize your ideas and express that, but speaking can’t give you much time. reading and listening is a slow process, you must do that for a long time, after you have the ability of writing, reading, listening, you can speaking well naturally. you don’t need write much, just insist on do that every day, at least five minutes, habit is very important.

Second, you should talk something in english with a camera toward to you, you should watch your video after you finish talking, you can get your disadvantage of you speaking, then correct it by youself. Maybe it’s awkward but I think it’s a good method to import the ability of speaking, even i haven’t try it. There are mant thing you can talk, yourself, your friends, thing in your room, thing happend yesterday, thing you want do today.

Third, I don’t remember…but, there are 7 points in this video, I will watch that again today.

I will do the first one thing every day in my plan, But I only have time in the morning, so, the much thing I writed happend yesterday.

English is common skill in the world, the hardest part of leaning english is insisting on leaning.


In the past few days, I’m very busy at work, There are three group cheater in my work, I’m busy to stop them from obtaining illegal benifits from my company. In a sense, they are not only enemy but also friends in the anti-fraud field. we must fight each other to improve our ability. I come home from company at eleven o’clock very night in recent three days and fall in sleep at one clock, I also must get up eight o’clock in the morning because my girl friend must get up at that time to work. I’m tired in recent days, I want take a day off but I’m too busy to do that.

I have some free time to do my thing until today, so I writing something again in english.

when I writing some specific thing about myself, it’s hard to write, because I have litter word and phrase to use, learning language is a slow thing, everyone can’t learnt a new language in short time, again, insisting is ths most important thing in the road of learning language.

Also, the useful method of learning english is imitating, I can imitating other word or phrase or sentence, when I can use them skillful, I get it. so, reading is the base of writing.

I often read The Economists in the subway from home to company, I’m thinking if I can intensive read The Economists and share and translate the chinese version, share and writing point, I will get some positive feedback from that to get more power to reading The Economists.

The most people are clever, But a few people can insist on something. The key point is getting positive feedback in the early stage of things. The positive feedback can help you insisting on doing something.

Reading and sharing english magazine is a great idea, it worth considering.


Yesterday, me and my girl friend ride bike outside, I want ride to tiananmen for exerise and enhance our body, there twelve kilometers in the road, it’s too long for riding for her. we just ride seven kilometers and come back. But it’s also a good start of exerise. we both have a lots of sweat.

Today, my work still have much problem, we don’t fight the cheater sucess, so, we gather my work mate together to solve the problem. It still solving.


I’m so busy recently, My leader ask for leave because of some issue of her family, so many things have come into my hands, It’s so tired for me. So I don’t have time to write something in english.

Yesterday, My girlfriend let doctor take over her two wisdom teeth, She is in much pain and call me to home. so I leave work and go home early, and ask for leave for today. After go home, her have eat end pain drug and the drug already affect on her teeth. she is already fine.

Yesterday, I went home at senven o’clock, the sky hadn’t gone dark, weather is so comfortable for me. I think I will be so happy if I can go home at seven clock very day, I can’t image what wonderful that life will be.

English is the most basic and important ability to open the new world, just keep learn it


Yesterday, I had a dream, my work have a another issue or case in my dream, It’s bad for me, I can’t sleep well, even I’m thinking how to solve that in my dream, I’m tired in my dream, I don’t like that. when I know today it Monday, I don’t want wake up.

I have so much pressure recently, I don’t know how to handle the relationship with my colleagues, It’s hard for me. I don’t want be a middle person between my boss and my colleagues, in some time, my work is get some commend from my boss and split that to my colleagues, after my colleagues finish that by his thought and give that message to me, I also give that message to my boss. If my boss have other idea, we must do that again. I don’t like the work style.

My manage is a person who like push you, push work harder, I don’t like that style. Maybe everyone have himself work style, I’m sad that I don’t have a mature style, I don’t know what I like. I can understand and accept the most work style, in the same time, I don’t have the special work style.

I must go to work now, I hope I can insist on learn english, and find my suitable work style.


My boss back to work yesterday, I feel better, speaking have strong ability, after talked with my colleague, I feel much better that last week. I haven’t aware of the energy. I should talk more with my friend and colleague to improve my ability. This make me think a sentence back, the happiness depend on the relationship amoung people around you, according to survey.

How to talk is a big topic, the key point is how to tell story to others, big story or small story. Is there some story about me?

First story, Youtube is great place to learn english, I watch few video about learn english yesterday than before, youtube recommend much more high quality video to me, Youtube have much high quality video that made by so much people. everyone can also get it for free. Much good thing don’t need pay, we can try to use it as much as possible.

Second story, I think listening have the more priority than learn vocabulary, the key point of learn english is speeding enough time on that, if you can spend all time in learning vocabulary, it’s hard to insist on. So, I think the good path is listen enligh more and more, after you can insist on it, You can spend time to other thing, listening is easy to insist on.


Yestarday, I have coflict with my manage, I don’t like his suggestion, I think we should focus on things has deeper technoloy, But manage always want make work more perfect.

I think if you want stay well in a big company, you must do some thing you don’t like, you should accept it, therwise, you will feel uncomfortable for that.


I have the new feel everyday.

My colleague are looking for a job have the normal work time in state owned enterprise. I’m looking for a job in a foreign company. we also want a job having the normal working time, we can off work about at six clock.